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Assassin’s Creed III AR App

This project was a prototype that never got funded.

To tease the launch of the 3rd opus of Assassin’s Creed that takes place during the American Civil War, we wanted to turn the US flag into a trigger to exclusive content for the user.

Sid Lee’s R&D team explored the AR technology to see if it could regognize a 3D flag in various situation. After several weeks of research with various third parties, any of the supplier was able to do it, mainly due to the iPhone 4 camera limitations. The number of images it captures per second doesn’t allow 3D recognitions.

The other ways of capturing the flag were:

  • Color and pattern regognition was working but not precise enough for a public facing app.
  • 2D only recognition was working as well but was limiting our creative concept.
  • It was great to work on an innoavtive tech idea, we work in an Ad Agency after all.

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