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The Williamsburg Bridge now has a soundtrack.

The Project Scope

Williamsburg Bridge Radio is only broadcast in one place.
One track to go up, one track to go down, new tracks daily.

New York, NY – Williamsburg Bridge Radio is a music app that works exclusively on the bridge. It plays a hype track for going up and a chill track for going down, with new tracks daily. But you have to be there, because W.B.B.R is only broadcast on the bridge.

interated producer oscar pere

Created by Sid Lee NYC, W.B.B.R was built in collaboration with NY-based designer and developer Eric Hu. Curated by UNO NYC, W.B.B.R will broadcast exclusive new music from a rotating roster of UNO artists like Mykki Blanco, Jacques Greene, and Dutch E Germ and Gobby.

interated producer oscar pereWe launched the App on June 12th 201 and hold a party with blasting music, free pizza and swag items. On the bridge.

interated producer oscar pere

Made possible by Sid Lee, UNO, God & Famous

interated producer oscar pere



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Agency: Sid Lee
Creative Director: Dan Chandler
Associate Creative Director: Cecilia Azcarate
Copywriter: Heather Brodie
Design Director: Verena Michelitsch
Art Director: Adrian Yu
Creative Technologist: Dofl Yun
Producer: Oscar Péré
Design by: ERIC HU
Music by: UNO NYC
Thanks to :
GODANDFAMOUS for their support and contribution to the video.
Francois Malary for the CG work.

Project Details