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Category: Project Management

The Project Scope As a way to raise awareness of Absolut Elyx and the partnership with Water For People, we transformed a vintage water truck into a rolling boutique We converted an antique 1948 COE into into a raw luxe experience that functions as both a bar and a rolling boutique for seasonal merchandise, so […]

The Project Scope Pocket Avatars is a new fun messaging app from Intel that utilizes cutting edge facial tracking algorithms to render your expressions & voice onto an array of fun-loving avatars. To celebrate the launch, we threw an Avataraoke party in NYC, complete with food and drinks, where our guests could perform karaoke as your […]

The Project Scope We worked on Nordstrom Rack for a year developing a new brand platform that we activated through all digital touch points: email, online ads, web and social media. CHALLENGE: With the recession hitting hard consumption behaviors, the off-price market literally boomed and Nordstrom Rack became a highly competitive asset for the Nordstrom […]

Feedback Room is an Interactive Installation. Surrounded by a white blinking light, a microphone is placed on a stand, at the center of a complete dark room. As the visitors enter the room, bold and saturated feedbacks began to appear, reacting to their slightest movements, and increasing strongly as they approach the microphone. Each gesture […]

The Project Scope Air Canada wanted to boost the frequent flyer program with a new branding and online experience to capture better this segment of their audience. In one hand we were doing a branding exercise, on the other hand we had to analyse the fundamental of the program to provide a meaningful online experience. […]

Dell's XPS laptop

The Project Scope We established  “More You” as the new creative platform to answer Dell’s challenges. It shaped Dell’s campaigns cycle across all countries. Dell is a giant company. We worked with countless third-parties to produce online ad campaign and others activations depending on the seasonality.   EggCaptain was a digital campaign around Easter. Dell […]

The Project Scope Create a new positioning for the world’s lightest & strongest bicycle cables to gain market shares from a niche audience. We had been given the opportunity to rethink the entire way the company was communicating to its customer, from branding to packaging and digital. The latter was the real challenge, switching from […]

The Project Scope i48 is the annual Idaho Forty Eight Hour Film Competition and Festival. Modeled after a similar event that originated in Washington D.C., teams of filmmakers from around Idaho will have 48 hours to write, pre-produce, cast, shoot, and edit, an original short film three to six minutes long.  

The Project Scope From local telecom companies promo to a social experiment to launch Messenger in Mexico with Facebook. As Facebook began to rollout across emerging countries, regional technological limitations, local competitors and social norms threatened to slow the brands natural growth. Facebook needed to market itself an its products in emerging countries where local […]