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The Project Scope Williamsburg Bridge Radio is only broadcast in one place. One track to go up, one track to go down, new tracks daily. New York, NY – Williamsburg Bridge Radio is a music app that works exclusively on the bridge. It plays a hype track for going up and a chill track for […]

The Project Scope Air Canada wanted to boost the frequent flyer program with a new branding and online experience to capture better this segment of their audience. In one hand we were doing a branding exercise, on the other hand we had to analyse the fundamental of the program to provide a meaningful online experience. […]

The sweetness of honey. The bite of 80,000 bees.

The Project Scope Create a new positioning for the world’s lightest & strongest bicycle cables to gain market shares from a niche audience. We had been given the opportunity to rethink the entire way the company was communicating to its customer, from branding to packaging and digital. The latter was the real challenge, switching from […]