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Bacardi – Dewar’s Highlander Honey

The sweetness of honey. The bite of 80,000 bees.

The Project Scope

Dewar’s prides itself in their classic craftsmanship of Scotch whisky. So in launching their new Highlander Honey Whisky campaign, we chose to stick with Dewar’s penchant for refined tastes with a modern twist.

This is the Highlander Honey 3-B Printing Project. Against the wave of the 3D printing frenzy, we want to return the technology back to Nature – with honeybees. Through the live creation of waxy sculpture over brand symbols, honey bees combine the sweet and the sharp. bees build real sculptures out of natural honeycomb.

Our digital campaign was built around a live streamed experience of the bees at work on a Facebook Tab (Canvas) and a Social team engaging fans, bloggers, and bee-specialists alike.. with witty and engaging BHS content.

The campaign reached a total of 202k views online. Embedded players, and external referrers were the most performing source of traffic, and Gear patrol with 84% of video completion rate.

Project Details