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The Project Scope

From local telecom companies promo to a social experiment to launch Messenger in Mexico with Facebook.

As Facebook began to rollout across emerging countries, regional technological limitations, local competitors and social norms threatened to slow the brands natural growth. Facebook needed to market itself an its products in emerging countries where local barriers make Facebook usage difficult.

Social Media in 9 markets, across 3 continents

After defining a clear role & positioning, we executed thematic posts across each market by highlighting what was most important to our target in culturally relevant language.The inital promotions were displayed on the user’s newsfeed over the course of 12 weeks and would drive to a specific landing page (Responsive Canvas App) set up to track conversion.

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Average Post Consumption was up 2.8% with some post generating as much as 22.1% engagement but we felt that we could deliver deeper stories with better production value using the newsfeed in a innovative ways.


We got some room to play with video content:


Project Details