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The Project Scope

We worked on Nordstrom Rack for a year developing a new brand platform that we activated through all digital touch points: email, online ads, web and social media.

CHALLENGE: With the recession hitting hard consumption behaviors, the off-price market literally boomed and Nordstrom Rack became a highly competitive asset for the Nordstrom Group. Long considered as the “basement” of the full line store, it was time to make a real brand out of it.

SOLUTION: If consumers are looking for deals, they still dream of fashion and prefer to buy quality products. A dilemma the Rack answers to just perfectly with top designers at a great value, making it the “smartest fashion destination ever”. More than just a product proposition, the “smart” brand platform allowed us to develop a real aspirational attitude reflected in the brand’s new signature: “You know the deal”.


We were tasked to come up with a solution for as the Brand presence online was limited to a section under With a business model not allowing to track store inventories, the soul of the .com would have to rely on content so we designed an experience around the brand various social feeds and the following UX principles:

A user should always be able to find a store within two clicks.
A user should be able to easily access the content he is the most interested in.
A user should feel that he is presented with a tailored experience.

In order to present relevant content modules to the user, we created the following algorithm to rank content:

RANK  = (age[creation – now] * Y) + (distance[user – content] * Z) + (popularity[n last days] * K)


The challenge was 2 folds:

First we had to help the brand manage its 2M+ list and work with them on blast frequency and relevance using better targeting tactics to limit unsubscribe, low open and click rates.. In parallel, we had to redesign their email templates to be responsive to any device or screen and allow for more flexibility for the content.

Number of email opened: +66% // Click through rate: +274% // Unsubscribe rates: -52%
Incremental sales increased by approx. 100% , from roughly $2.6 M to $5.3M
Incremental sales per email increased by 20%



Nordstrom Rack was not in want of love. it had gathered a small and active community. But what fans loved about the brand – great deals, they could increasingly find elsewhere.

Our goal on social was to build a conversation around what made the Rack different: smarts. in order to increase loyalty.

Smart fashion was an attitude our fans could rally around and an engaging way to gain us credibility as a trusted voice in style.

On Facebook, our fan base has grown from 528K to 574K, a growth of +48K in 6 months without paid support. 
On Twitter: +1300 fans per month with an increase of 500+ mentions in average.
On Instagram, our following has increased 156%, in under 6 months.


Project Details