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The Project Scope As a way to raise awareness of Absolut Elyx and the partnership with Water For People, we transformed a vintage water truck into a rolling boutique We converted an antique 1948 COE into into a raw luxe experience that functions as both a bar and a rolling boutique for seasonal merchandise, so […]

The Project Scope We created an interactive product showcase using both physical and digital elements to engage Consumer to experience the power of the Edison platform hands-on. The Intel Edison platform allows entrepreneurs, hackers, and makers to develop and prototype novel products and technologies using hundreds of components ranging from physical sensors to batteries, RFID […]

The Project Scope Pocket Avatars is a new fun messaging app from Intel that utilizes cutting edge facial tracking algorithms to render your expressions & voice onto an array of fun-loving avatars. To celebrate the launch, we threw an Avataraoke party in NYC, complete with food and drinks, where our guests could perform karaoke as your […]


Mobile browsers’ capabilities have grown and brands are starting to build engaging experiences for small devices.